Arch. CTRLZAK Studio, Eliseo H. Zubri

META-PHYSICAL, Teatro Arsenale, Milano 

The Meta-Physical installation marks the expansion of the revolutionary design brand into the virtual world, through the construction of its first proprietary metaverse and the creation of furniture products in the form of NFTs - non-fungible tokens.
Visitors will be able to explore the JCP Metaverse through the use of VR headsets, discovering otherworldly landscapes and unknown life forms. Immersed in this unusual scenario, they will be able to find some of the most representative pieces of JCP Universe in the form of NFTs, and see them come to life thanks to new technologies.
Finally, the exhibition will be enriched by the presence of artificial intelligence: new and unexpected meanings of the acronym JCP will be revealed thanks to the intervention of AI and a randomizer specifically designed for the event.

Progettazione Progettazione 90 days
Posa Posa 4 days
Bilici Bilici 1
Realizzazione Realizzazione 30 days