Arch. Studio Novembre

Ionoi Gallery, Milan IoNoi Gallery is the new concept store conceived and designed by Fabio Novembre and his studio, which recently opened in Milan, a place where the conjunction between conception, exhibition and sale makes it possible to immerse yourself in unique, iconic objects, large collections and heterogeneous products designed by Fabio Novembre, but also works of art, which contribute to the creation of a place where different needs and realities coexist. The name of the brand and the gallery, "IoNoi", refers precisely to this concept of relationship between things and their universe of reference, in which the goal is to convey the relationship between "me and us". The interior of the gallery is designed as a real small architecture, where the squared walls and the color blocking fluorescent yellow are the background to the objects, positioned on podiums and display shelves that create plays of levels and light.Its strategic position, located in Via Perugino 24 near Novembre Studi or in Milan, it allows IoNoi Gallery to also act as a representative place for Milanese events related to the world of design and architecture and a nerve center for experimentation and presentation of new projects.

Progettazione Progettazione 90 days
Posa Posa 10 days
Bilici Bilici 2
Realizzazione Realizzazione 30 days