Arch. Design Group Italia

Alkemy headquarters, Milan
The Alkemy headquarters in Milan changes its look and is tinged with yellow and black. With this in mind, Alkemy has rethought its model, introducing the hybrid mode between working in person and remotely and revolutionizing the organization of work itself, guiding it to the achievement of objectives and employee and customer satisfaction. To adapt to the new working model, on the occasion of the 10 years of Alkemy and in the light of the events that have characterized the last two years, even the spaces and offices have been rethought in a smarter perspective by Design Group Italia, a specialized company of the Alkemy Group in multidisciplinary design that worked on the new employee experience: no fixed workstation but a hybrid use of spaces, multiple sharing areas in order to encourage engagement among employees, energetic colors and graphics that stimulate creativity and positivity for a dynamic, informal environment , welcoming. The creative team of Brand Experience, Alkemy's communication area, finally covered the walls with graphics and texts, elements of the brand identity and corporate culture.

Progettazione Progettazione 120 days
Posa Posa 10 days
Bilici Bilici 3
Realizzazione Realizzazione 60 days