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D Studio, DOS Showroom, Copenhagen

D Studio opens in Copenhagen: Design Holding unveils its new retail space, a design destination that created the iconic Italian and Danish brands B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen
Design Holding, the home of iconic brands including B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen, launches D Studio, the Group's first retail design destination and the new multi-brand experience to be seen internationally. from the vision of Design Holding to create an unrivaled design showroom. For the first time, these legendary contemporary furniture and lighting brands meet in an innovative environment, a place where design can be encountered, celebrated and acquired together, all under one roof. A new approach to retail design. D Studio is a place to meet, and together with design with the best of contemporary culture, a natural reference for both professionals and professionals. possibilities that these distinctive and exclusive brands have to offer. B&B Italia, synonymous with contemporary design with history, to the Maxalto lifestyle collection based on timeless craftsmanship and elegance, in Arclinea which is synonymous with highly evolved and personalized kitchens; up to the visionary Italian lighting manufacturer Flos, with its masterful and poetic designs and forward-thinking solutions, and last but not least: Louis Poulsen, the iconic Danish lighting brand with its unique heritage in design. more public: from private clients to professional and contract clients, from home to hotel. An interactive in-store experience will fuse the physical with the digital, enabling inspiration, reading, design, discovery and beyond.

Progettazione Progettazione 140 days
Posa Posa 7 days
Bilici Bilici 1
Realizzazione Realizzazione 40 days