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Game now - Favij, Milano 

On the occasion of the launch of GameNowTM, Vodafone involved Favij, content creator and youtuber with over 6 million subscribers, and Pow3r, streamer and pro-player of the international e-sports team Fnatic, in the complete restyling of their Gaming Rooms, thanks to the technology and the power of the Vodafone network, the design of WSC (Web Stars Channel) and the interior design by Studio Fabio Novembre. After unveiling teasers and preview details, the reveal of the rooms culminated in a moment dedicated to their communities: #UnlockTheRoom. During the activity, conceived by We Are Social, the two streamers "unlocked" all the elements of their gaming room by passing a series of gaming-themed tests. The Pow3r test took place entirely live on Twitch, in front of thousands of connected users. Design and innovation are the characteristics of the two new environments wanted by Vodafone to show all the opportunities offered by new technologies in the gaming world. Favij, in fact, will be able to count in his gaming house in Milan on all the power of Vodafone 5G to create his contents and use GameNowTM to its fullest potential.

Progettazione Progettazione 90 days
Posa Posa 5 days
Bilici Bilici 1
Realizzazione Realizzazione 30 days