About us



PERUGINI MAKING is a new Italian company founded by Roberto Perugini in 2017.

PERUGINI MAKING offers 20 years of experience in the field of management and the creation of special fittings for temporary and permanent works, to the Italian and international markets.

It deals with stands, exhibition halls, events, museums, hotels, shops, restaurants, interior decorations and renovations.


PERUGINI MAKING is a company, available to customers and designers, that is able to create special works using the specific experiences of famous craftsmen and excellent small Italian businesses.

Thanks to 20 years of experience in the industry and consolidated cooperation with more than 1,200 specialised suppliers, the facility boasts the ability to fragment the work in such a way as to offer the customer the direct purchase of raw materials and individual machining.

Objectives: Efficiency, low cost and high quality.


On 8th January 1998, once I had completed my studies in Interior Architecture, I began my first work experience in Turin, as a CAD designer at a leading company in the design sector, Bodino SpA

After building my career for 20 years, through all the necessary intermediate working stages such as Project Manager, Production Manager, Purchasing Manager and Management Controller, I was appointed General Manager.

It has been an intense and fun professional experience, motivated by personal and professional pride.

In 2017, after reaching this first important goal, I decide to affront a new big challenge by personally offering the experience I have accumulated over the years, with the energy and will to succeed that characterises my work ethic.


Over the years, I have gathered experience and know-how about the design and construction of amazing display and scenographic structures that sometimes have to be designed to be set-up and dismantled many times.

This requires the quality, durable materials, as well as much more complex organisation for permanent works.

For years I lived among the smell of wood chips and welding, on construction sites where I was in close contact with special people who taught me a great deal about the industry and what it means to work with such a diverse selection of materials.